Our Programs

Our main goal is to promote the growth and development of each child as a unique individual, and to provide a safe, positive and rich learning environment.


Where it all begins…

The Infant program accommodates children from 8 month – 18 months of age. The parents, infants and educators go through a fresh start and transition. This period is a time of fostering trusting relationships between parents, children and educators.

As parents know their child best, open dialogue between the educator and parent will allow the infant to flourish in their new environment. Infant educators will provide parent/guardian details of the infants dietary intake, sleep routines, toileting, explorations and all the first experiences on a daily basis. Our centre is equipped with unique digital features to help us stay in touch and connected with our families.


The growth continues…

The toddler program is designed for children aged 18 – 30 months of age. It is our belief that children learn through play in a home-like environment. Educators observe and document children’s learning on a daily basis. Our observations are used to provide opportunities to foster children’s natural curiosity, initiative & independence. We work together at every level through collaboration among their peers, teachers and parents. Parents are seen as a partner in this process; we involve them in sharing ideas, resources and discussion around their child’s day.

We provide age appropriate activities; provide sensory experiences that stimulate the children’s natural curiosity and expand on all developmental areas. It is also important that we communicate daily with parents and we do this both verbally and in writing..


Young Minds employs a reggio-inspired, project based approach to early childhood education. Teachers deliver an “emergent curriculum,” predicated on the emerging interests, ideas and questions of the children. Project work provides ample opportunity for discussion, decision-making, choices, cooperation, and evaluation during the course of an investigation. Projects can last days, weeks, months or through a school year based on the interest and enthusiasm of the children.

Through these projects, educators routinely plan and deliver a wide variety of educational experiences, which incorporate emergent literacy, math, science, nature, music, visual arts, dramatic arts, fine and gross motor development.

Kindergarten readiness is at the heart of our preschool program we integrate Ontario’s guiding document for early years learning “how does learning happen document” throughout the educational experiences

Our specialty teachers deliver additional music, arts, fitness and french language on a weekly basis


It is our intention to educate and guide every child in whichever learning pattern works for them. Young Minds Preschool knows that each child is bright, eager and capable of greatness and excited to explore all areas of their world, it is our intention to open the doors to all aspects of the world around them and share it with every child as there is no better learning then learning through doing, seeing, hearing and exploring.

Our kindergarten teachers are OCT and RECE certified and are more than capable of creating age appropriate learning experiences that will challenge your children daily. We integrate Ontario’s kindergarten document throughout the educational experiences, Mathematics, Literacy, Science, Social studies, arts, physical and health education are all addressed in our kindergarten classrooms. Our specialty teachers deliver arts, music, fitness and French language on a weekly basis.

Our low teacher to student ratio makes it possible for us to execute the curriculum at an individualized pace. We are academically driven and we create a variety of learning opportunities where students can explore, create, discover and grow.

Before and After School

Our B&A School program is unique in its approach. We offer a range of activities to keep your child engaged and educated. These activities include, but are not limited to, Music, Karate and Yoga classes. This Program is led by OCT and Registered Early Childhood Educators who will care for and observe children everyday to understand their interests and individual social, emotional and developmental needs. The Ratio remains low in this program to ensure the children continue to feel a sense of belonging. Children will be presented with experiences that will stimulate initiative, self confidence and decision making capabilities.

Before care is available beginning at 7:30 am each school day and After school is available until 6:00 pm.


Our Nursery classroom consists of Play based learning for children two and a half to four years of age. We offer a morning program from 9 to 11am and an afternoon program from 1 to 3pm. The Nursery classroom will provide opportunities for children to develop a sense of the world around them through exploration, inquiry, interaction and problem solving. Our goal is to foster independence, encourage social development and create school readiness through child initiated and teacher supported learning.

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