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About Us

Reggio Inspired Childcare is seen as one of the best in the world. With companies like Google having a facility in their office.

New York Times calls it: The curriculum emerges organically as opposed to top-down, in partnership with the children.

New York Times logo
New York Times logo

Young Minds Preschool offers quality educational programs, complemented with French language studies, music, fitness and robotics programs.

At Young Minds Preschool, we provide a clean safe home like environment where we strive to enhance each child’s level of development to help them reach their fullest potential. Our program is uniquely designed for children from infancy through age 12.

We are committed to creating a positive learning environment and experiences to enhance each child’s level of development and learning style. We focus on the whole child and see children as competent contributors to their own learning. Observations are completed daily and these observations are instrumental in our program development.

Our main goal is to promote the growth and development of each child as a unique individual, and to provide a safe, positive and rich learning environment. We believe that children work best in collaborative environments, that is why children, educators and parents all work together in the process of building knowledge.

Young Minds welcomes all children into our program of fun and learning. We thrive on providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences for all children ages 8 months – 12 years of age; we are a fully inclusive school, as all children have the right to a wonderful and happy school experience.

Young Minds offers an educational child care program for Burlington families. Using the guiding principles of the Reggio Approach we support Children to learn and Excel. We pave the way for their future education. Children are curious, competent and capable.

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